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Add your club to the A to Z of Motorcycle Clubs and follow the simple instructions, if you get stuck, just contact me. I'm always available to help out and give a bit of advise if needed. For Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Users - Right click the image and from the list select "Copy Email Address" Send an Email, get in touch and we can chat in private about getting your website listed on here with all the other bikers clubs

Motorcycle Club Colors & Patches Gallery here - Show Your Colours 1%er or Riders Club

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Warning: Anyone found copying my lists of clubs without written permission will be dealt with accordingly. It has taken several years to put this list together and each & every single club listed on the following pages have requested to be there. You have been warned!!

Wanted: Motorcycle Clubs with Images or Photos of Club Colours or Patches & Your Clubs History

You Don't Need a Website as I'm Adding a Page For Any Biker Group Past or Present

It will be good to see a gallery of all clubs that have been & gone or still active but without a website

PLEASE NOTE: I'm now changing a few things on this website where I will still have the A to Z of motorcycle clubs but I also will be including clubs that don't have a website and patches of clubs that have long gone! Please send club or groups name, website address if you have one, image / photo of patch or colours, a few lines of history if you like. When you click the image and it opens your mail program, please make sure you insert any images as a file because images are hard to open in emails.

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