Photos of Motorcycle Club Colors

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Send in Your Existing or Disbanded Motorcycle Club Colors US Colours UK

If you can send me a photo or image of your colours or of any disbanded clubs you may have been in and know of, I'll add them to a new gallery that will be going live as soon as I have a decent collection.

Please include any history of the club like name for starters, when established, how it got established, where based, country and cities, chapters, affiliates anything you got and I might even add a whole new page dedicated to that just one club. Doesn't need to be full back patch clubs, send in anything like brotherhoods, front patch & side patch clubs, women MC's, veterans, law enforcement, gay, sports bike riders, religious clubs. I don't discriminate against anyone on here. My personal views don't come into it as this site of mine is 100% unbiased.

Use the contact button above and it'll help you send an email with all the info I need.

I aim to spend a bit of time every day on my website as I intend it to be the holder of the largest collection of club patches ever as well as already having the largest listing of clubs with websites.




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